Goal setting is about so much more than just picking a goal. Once you’ve picked one big goal, you also need to get to work mapping it out and making sure that you have the team and schedule in place to make it happen.

Our first ever Fempire LIVE featured with Sandra Mikovic-Katanic of Everyday Cooking with Sandra Katanic.  Sandra walked us through how she took her dream of writing and publishing a cookbook to reality in just 6 months by staying focused, surrounding herself with the right team, and protecting her time.

Key takeaways include:

  • As far as entrepreneurs are concerned, dreaming is not enough
  • Entrepreneurs are natural do-ers
  • Our parents start us on a path that we can be anything we want to be. It easy to get taken off that path because society tells us that those things are 1 in a million
  • Why we decide to take on the goals we decide to take on
  • Surrounding yourself with people who inspire and encourage you
  • The importance of networking and cultivating relationships so you have the right people in place when you need them
  • Knowing what your strengths are and allowing yourself to recruit the people who shine in your areas of weakness to accomplish your goal
  • The power of accountability in making sure your tasks are getting done on time
  • The things that get in our way, including our mindset

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can grab Sandra’s cookbook at http://www.sandrakatanic.com/store/