The sun is shining into my window on this bright day. I have at least three other exciting things I want to be doing, but I really need to focus on this deadline. I need a movement break!

When the mind is distracted on all things that are shiny (or even those that are the opposite of shiny), so laser focused that we want to plow ahead without stopping, a movement break is a perfect way to create focus and allow our attention to be in our physical bodies.

Why is this important?

When you connect with the sensations in your body you create a greater feeling of being grounded and centred. This allows your ideas to flow with purpose rather than haphazardly. The act of stopping what you are doing and moving, in itself, is focusing.

Ever notice how more calm and focused your child or pet can be after some physical activity?

Well, the same goes for you.

Great news, you don’t have to spend an hour a the gym to get the result. One minute or less will do the trick. I suggest setting your alarm for every hour to stand up and move your body. As you get used to it, you will notice how more productive you are without feeling void of energy at the end of the day.

Here are three movements you can try at home:

  • Sacrum Tap
    Tapping anywhere on your body feels lovely. The act of using soft fists to gently pound your muscles releases tensions and supports circulation which helps to nurture feeling calm and focused. When you target the sacrum specifically, you are focused on an area where much of our vitality is stored.

  • Cross Crawl
    The left and right sides of your brain have different skill sets. When it’s time to focus and build your Fempire, it’s wonderful to have both sides working together. This fun movement will help with those left and right brain connections as well as challenge your balance, coordination and core strength.

  • Madonna Arms
    This movement always lightens my mood and reduces stress. It also helps release tensions in the chest, creates mobility in the shoulders and strengthens the arms. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love to spend a little time pretending to be Madonna rocking it on stage?

You now have three movements you can sprinkle into your day to create focus. Remember that it is not just the movement you are doing, but the act of doing the movement that is going to help you.

In a pinch, my favourite is to put on a good tune and just dance around the room.

You can’t go wrong, you just need to start.