You’ve likely purchased an online course before. You have probably even thought to yourself, “I should make an online course.” If this sounds familiar, then this replay of Fempire LIVE with Tammy Hudgin is one you’re going to want to watch. Samantha and Tammy talk about how to create an online course, ideas for what you might want to create a course about, AND she said something about a NEW Facebook Group feature that’s pretty cool!

Key takeaways include:

  • An online course is a great source of residual income to add to your business model and service offerings
  • The difference between a customer and a client
  • The importance of building your business so that your hot, warm and cold markets are ready for it
  • Your content needs to be something that you’ve already tested and can show proof that it works
  • Have quality videos and other resources in your course that will extend the feeling of value for the end user
  • How to decide what to charge for your course and how your value ladder comes into play
  • Why you need to talk to your target market before, during and after the creation process of your course
  • Scaffold learning from beginning to end so that learners are building on the skills your teaching them as they go through your course
  • Thinking about considering collaboration as part of your course content
  • How Facebook has given us a free option to host the group discussions and forum for your course