Catch our Fempire LIVE REPLAY where we talked to the amazing Anne-Marie Gabrini, one of the amazing women behind K+A Personal Concierge! She walked us through how outsourcing both personally and professionally can help us protect our time by taking us through 5 things we can outsource in our households every day.

Key takeaways include:

  • No matter what your many roles in life are, it’s always okay to stop and ask for help
  • Asking for help is not an admission of failure; it’s a moment of liberation
  • Make a Do, Don’t and a Delegate List to get a quick overview of outsourcing opportunities
  1. Running everyday errands (i.e. picking up prescriptions, weekly shopping, car detailing, and back-to-school shopping to name a few)
  2. Management of big projects (i.e. home repairs, renovations etc.)
  3. Movement services (i.e. booking movers, packing and unpacking, etc.)
  4. General research (i.e. new gym options, researching camps, places to change out your car tires)
  5. Event planning (i.e. birthday parties, celebrations, private fundraising events)