The New Year always brings about a widespread, magical belief in the impossible. It’s a time when the air is filled with a Peter Pan sense of wonder, and dreams take over everywhere you look.

And I get wrapped up in EVERY MINUTE of it.

I’m a dreamer.

I’m also a doer.

Truthfully, isn’t every entrepreneur?

But, if I am being honest, that dreamer mixed with doer quality lying deep within me is what gets me into trouble. It’s a big part of what contributed to my self-proclaimed workaholic status, and it’s 100% what gets me to the bad place.

You know the one.

The one where all of a sudden and out of nowhere I am overbooked, overwhelmed and over extended. It’s a rotating cycle that I have vowed to break this year.

But you maybe thinking, “That vow is all well and good Samantha, but how exactly are you going to break a habit that is so ingrained into the way your brain operates?”

At least, that’s what my husband asked me. (Okay not in those exact words, but he did ask me that).

How I am going to break the habit:

Don’t get me wrong. I am still allowing myself to dream, and to DREAM BIG.


I’ve built a step in between DREAMING and DOING. It’s a step that has been powerfully successful in stopping me from running off in the direction of overbooked, overwhelmed and over extended. The bad place.

Ironically, it’s the very foundation of what I do with my Accountability Coaching clients.

(But you know what they say, it’s always easier to see it in someone else than to catch it in yourself).

Before I even allow myself to start taking the dream through the SMART goal setting method I use, I force myself to stop and set the dream aside.

I use the Voice Memo app on my iPhone to capture both the idea and the energy behind it, and then I walk away from it.

This is usually pretty easy because one of my children are inevitably on their way back into my room (yup, I prefer to work from a desk in the corner of my bedroom) to interrupt me.

For me, however, that interruption is welcome. It’s needed – desperately.

My dreaming ignites my wildly creative side. If left unchecked, I know I’m more likely to get swept up in the excitement and euphoria that the brainstorming process gives me.

So I’ve implemented what I am calling, THE PAUSE:

The Pause is a step in between dreaming and doing where I ask myself, “What is the purpose of this?”

It allows me time to let go of the excitement of dreaming and do some critical thinkingand reflecting around that question before beginning to set goals around the dream itself.

And the clarity that I have found just by implementing this small, yet critical step, has caused a ripple effect throughout my business. I am even more focused and intentional than before. I have created a habit of critical thinking and reflection that now innately woves itself into every thought I have about my business day-to-day.

It’s an integral one tool that I am using to make this year different. To make this the year that I don’t find myself in the bad place. This is the year that I WILL NOT END UP overbooked, overwhelmed and over extended.

Not even once (if all goes according to plan, of course).