HIRE SAMANTHA: Grow your business by creating a successful online arm of your business that naturally leads into more sales!

Meet The Original Fempire™ Builder!

Fempire™ Builders founder and CEO, Samantha King, has balanced multiple roles and careers in her life – and succeeded in every single one. Her ability to see and encourage the potential in others has led to the success of Fempire™ Builders.

Now, Samantha’s aim is to motivate and plant the seeds of success in other female entrepreneurs across Canada!

Are you overwhelmed with the transition to entrepreneurship?

We've been there too.

Now, we’re on a mission to help you through it with love and support. As a member of the Squad, you will gain exclusive access to our tools and resources from our online training centre, and our motivational swag from our collection!

Move from the ‘friend zone’ into profitability! Learn how to go from struggling service provider to having a business that runs on autopilot. 

Samantha’s goal is to share everything she has learned through her own journey and help other women who are struggling with the same challenges. 

We're always creating informative & motivational videos, emails and social posts and updating our toolbox with new resources, tips, tricks and helpful business tools!

How it all began…

You’re Not Alone! We’re Stronger Together

This is a community that encourages fellow members as they conquer fears, overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. A community that has us all saying goodbye to self-doubt, imposter syndrome and all the blocks that might be holding you back. A community that leaves you with a new comfort level and the confidence you're craving to expand your growth and limits — both personally and professionally. Most importantly, the community helps inspire others and gives them the actionable advice, education, mentorship, support and accountability that everyone needs.

With the Fempire™ Builders Squad supporting and holding each other accountable, members have experienced the business growth that previously they had only dreamed about.

Shop our Squad Swag, become a member and work with Samantha to gain clarity, grow your confidence and know-how and turn your business into the money-making machine that runs on autopilot, gives you time freedom and has you working with clients you love and on your own terms.

See how other Fempire™ Builders have succeeded.

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