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About Us

Fempire Builders founder and CEO, Samantha King, has balanced multiple roles and careers in her life – and succeeded in every single one. Her ability to see and encourage the potential in others has led to the success of Fempire Builders.

Now Samantha’s aim is to motivate and plant the seeds of success in other female entrepreneurs across Canada!

What is a Fempire Builder?

We get asked this all of the time! A Fempire Builder is a woman with a dream, the courage to try to make it come true and the commitment to stay the course when things get tough.

And she’s learned that she doesn’t have to stay the course alone. A Fempire Builder connects with the women in her life and community in meaningful ways simply because she can. She supports and wants to help them succeed in any way possible. She is a cheerleader at heart. A Fempire Builder sees opportunities for collaboration and partnerships everywhere instead of competition. And finally, she is on a mission to empower the next generation of women to carry the torch and continue the change she started in her lifetime.

Are you overwhelmed with the transition to entrepreneurship? We've been there too. And now we are on a mission to help you through it with love and support, motivation and mindset swag and - of course - tools and training from our online training centre!

When Samantha left the corporate and small business worlds to start her own business, she didn’t know what she was in for. She saw other women living lives that she wanted to be hers, and wondered, “How are they doing it?” Before Samantha knew it, she looked around and realized that, while she had left corporate, she had just ended up bringing the phone calls, meetings and workload home without the bi-weekly paycheque that used to come with it. Knowing something had to give, Samantha totally changed the way she is running and building her business. 

Through our training centre, our amazing Squad membership community, her private coaching and, yes, the swag we sell right on here in our Store, Samantha is determined to share everything she has learned along the way and all of her favourite things that keep her going when times gets tough with as many women as possible.

How it all began...

In May of 2016, Samantha started her business. It was great. She was finally doing things that had her pumped about her time away from her kids. She had the flexibility to spend more time with them. At the end of the day, she had the energy to work in her household and her marriage.

But, while Samantha was living her passion and excited about my life again, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Previously, Samantha was a teacher, a sales professional, marketing leader and client services manager. By setting clear objectives, she succeeded in each role, even though they were in different industries.

But being an entrepreneur was a whole new world. Samantha felt the loneliness. She had self-doubt. She didn’t know where to start…and Samantha soon realized that she wasn’t the only one in this boat.

And that's when Samantha started building the community that would become the Fempire Builders Squad membership!

Whether out speaking to a room full of female entrepreneurs or leading a workshop, one of the things that Samantha hears over and over again from these amazing women is how great it is to be out from behind their desks and surrounded by a group of women who get it.

And as the conversation continues, it becomes clear that they are looking for a squad of women that they can connect and collaborate with regularly in an environment that is welcoming, encouraging and safe enough to let their walls down and share.

Samantha needed a community like this too. One that encourages fellow members as they conquer fears, overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. A community that has us all saying goodbye to self-doubt, imposter syndrome and all the blocks that might be holding you back. A community that leaves you with a new comfort level and the confidence you're craving to expand your growth and limits — both personally and professionally.

And most importantly, Samantha wanted a place that would offer more than inspiration. One that would give everyone the actionable advice, education and mentorship among members, support and accountability that we all need.

Stronger together and empowered to grow with confidence.

You see, it’s not just Samantha. And it’s not just you. We are not alone. And when we come together, it’s a powerful thing. With the Fempire Builders Squad supporting and holding each other accountable, members have experienced the business growth that previously they had only dreamed about.

Just as it has been for other Fempire Builders, it will be the same for you, too. Wait and see!

Shop our Squad Swag, become a member and/or work with Samantha to gain clarity, grow your confidence and know-how and turn your business into the money-making machine that runs on autopilot, gives you time freedom and has you working with clients you love on your terms.