As business owners, we tend to have no problem spending our money on networking and professional development, but what about taking time (and spending money) on our personal growth? I am not one of those people. Personal development is a very important part of my business success and personal life.

For me, personal development covers several different areas:

  • Mindset is the most important for me: This covers dealing with obstacles head on and overcoming them. We all know that every business has obstacles to deal with. A recent obstacle for me was having a cooking class that nobody had signed up for. Rather than feeling defeated, I remind myself that is okay and evaluate the situation with open eyes. Is it a busy month for my tribe? Did I not get the promotion in front of the right eyes? Is it too soon to worry? Some people are last minute people. Knowing that the other classes were full, I know that this isn’t a matter of lack of interest, but instead could be situational. If I let a negative mindset take over, I can end up missing the learning opportunities that this set back can present me with.
  • Understanding how to deal with different people and personalities: This can be the hardest part of any business.  With my customers, I always cater to their needs and do my best to make them happy. Where my cooking classes are concerned, I always ask attendees what they want to learn ahead of time so I can customize my classes for them.  For my online followers, I ask questions and take their feedback into consideration for future posts, videos and recipe blogs.  I also manage expectations by being upfront with prospective customers about how I work and what I can and cannot offer to avoid any disappointment.  If I feel they are not a fit for me, I let them know, so no one is left with a bad taste in their mouth.
  • Not taking defeat or not reaching my goal personally: I regularly email corporations and businesses to discuss sponsorships, and I often get a No or no response at all.  It can be discouraging, but I do not let it get to me. I keep sending emails. We have all read many biographies of successful people who have failed many times, been said no to many times, had all odds against them and they just kept going and working hard. I will not allow a “no” to stop me either.

Saying it is all well and good, but how do I make this happen?

If you’re wondering where to start with your personal development goals (and I suggest you have some), let me tell you how I like to tackle them:

  • Reading books on personal development. My favourite book is Mastery by Robert Greene.  This book reminds me to pursue and do what you love, what you do naturally and what you have mastered.
  • Surrounding myself with like-minded people helps
  • Self-care and rewarding myself to celebrate the big and small wins. As women, we tend to do everything for everyone else and neglect ourselves.  While I continue to do for others, I always find some time for myself to indulge. This could be a fun read, getting my nails done or just time alone to relax and reflect. Feeling good about myself always helps me feel confident.