Knowing who you are selling to and why you are selling it is an important part of the sales process. However, you can get stuck in the “prepare” stage of selling. You get results by taking action and actually talking to your prospects. This is the part of the process where people get a little anxious, but I assure you, it’s a lot easier than you think and once you start seeing results it gets more natural as you go.

Making the Call

Here we go, it’s time to make a call!

I use the word call here for a very specific reason.  It’s called a COLD CALL, not a COLD EMAIL or a COLD TEXT MESSAGE or a COLD PM. You are going to have a lot more success if you actually CALL the person.  Either on the phone or in person. 

When we actually exchange in conversation with someone, we are going to get an answer about whether or not they are interested in your product or service much faster. Time is money people, and I would rather know right away if someone is not interested than waste time sending texts and emails that may never get answers.

This leads me to one key factor of cold calling. You need to get really comfortable with hearing the word NO.  I’m not kidding here. You are going to hear NO a LOT when you cold call.  But this is a great thing!  Every NO, means you are one call closer to the YES.  Count your No’s.  Successful Cold Calling is a numbers game.  It takes approximately 10 calls to get one yes.  If you get really good at qualifying your prospects, your ratio will improve.  But don’t stop at your first YES.  You never know how many more Yes’s are coming.  Ultimately you want to talk to as many people as you can.

Make what you say count! 

When you are cold calling you usually only get about five seconds to get a person’s attention.  This means you really need to make sure what you are saying really has an impact.  You can do this by using catchphrases like “ I have something to share with you that I think you will really love” or “I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so let me be quick”. 

The best way to have success with a cold call is to not sell your product over the phone, but rather to invite the person to a meeting where they can learn more about what you are selling. Ok, I realize that sounds really corporate and stuffy, so, think of it as inviting a friend for coffee to chat business or talk about the possibility of collaboration.  If you are calling on a business, you might offer them a lunch and learn. Use your imagination. The more creative the opportunity, the better!  They key is to get your prospect to learn more about what you have to offer them.   

The most important part about Cold Calling

It sounds cliché, but if you can take anything from what I have shared with you, it’s to make sure you have FUN!

Let your personality come through in the process.  Be genuine.  Even if you stumble over your words or have major fear about making a call, if you always be yourself, others will notice.

Never forget that you are always selling to a person.  This goes for every single sales transaction.  Your job is to get to know your prospective customer.  Find out who they are and how you can help them.  They will feel like you really care and are more likely to buy again or refer a friend.

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