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Online Course Strategy Session

Online Course Strategy Session

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Did your online course launch not go according to plan? Are your online course sales not where you want them to be? Stop wondering why and start taking action to fix it after this session!

This 2 hour session is for people who who have an online course but didn’t see the sales (or the momentum) they wanted to or thought they would when they launched it. During your time with Samantha (via Zoom), you will do things like:

  • Evaluate your goals for your course and fit into your business model so that it drives sales to your other products when students have completed it
  • Audit your course curriculum and make sure that it is really connecting with your students in a way that they can learn from and take action on (so that they will tell their friends about how awesome it is!)
  • Assess your current sales and marketing plan to ensure it speaks to the niche you are trying to attract
  • Come up with a personalized strategy to breathe new life into your course sales and start building the momentum you didn't get the first time you launched it
  • Assist you in beginning to plan out the road map of your next steps to take you to the finish line - a revamped course that fits into your business so it can drive graduates naturally to your other products and a strategy to increase sales!

PLUS THIS BONUS to go with your session with Samantha…

  • Connect with Samantha for 14 days following your session via the WhatsApp app. The aim of this part of the package is for you to be able to ask questions of clarity surrounding the topics we cover in our session as you work to implement them within your business.

You will also be given the opportunity to continue working with Samantha via her 'Build an online business in 90 days' program.

Please note that this product is non-refundable.