“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than a broadcast message A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”  Mark Zuckerberg

Remember those days when you would watch a commercial on TV and then purchase that item at the store? Pretty simple: watch, want, buy.

Well, those days are long gone!

Today’s consumer is not watching commercials on TV.

They’re getting their product information from social media or online sources. If they see a product or item, they research the hell out it. They’re looking for referrals and they want to see the product in use by a real person before they part with their hard-earned money.

Great for the consumer, but what about companies? How do you get seen by the masses in this day and age?

Influencer Marketing is Queen!

Here’s why you should be working with influencers:

  1. Influencers Create Content for You:  Content is the main driver for sales, and influencers do a great job creating it. Some will have professional photographers take photos of your product being used in real-life situations. Take for instance a fashion blogger, she will take gorgeous photos of her in your clothes, tag you and, bang! Her followers are now clicking over to you to get their hands on that shirt. You didn’t have to create an ad at all.
  2. People Trust Influencers: Those thousands of followers are hanging on to every word their influencer is saying. If they’re trying out a skincare line and they share on Instagram their honest feelings, consumers trust their opinion. If they trust the influencer, they’re going to buy that skincare line.
  3. It’s Cheaper! It’s true. Most micro-influencers (less than 5K followers) would love to create content in exchange for a sample of your product. All you have to do is provide it and you get high-quality content for you to use.  If you are paying an influencer to create photos and videos for you, many cost less than a TV commercial. We’re talking a difference of tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. Targeted Audience:  You get to be seen by an audience that may not know about you, and you can work with an influencer that has the right demographic for your brand. If you sell fitness equipment, find an influencer who has made that her niche. That way you’re being exposed to a whole new audience, by piggybacking on her following.

What are the next steps?

Search Instagram for influencers in your area, to begin with, and see if they would trade product for content. If you have some money to invest, find those who do great video or have incredible photos and reach out to them. Offer them a product for a giveaway. That way one of the influencer’s followers gets to try your product too!

It’s easy to work with influencers, and they’re waiting for an opportunity to work with you too…..and their audiences will love you. You just need an introduction first.

Sarah Lajeunesse and Apryl Munro became fast friends while working together as news Videographers with Rogers TV in Simcoe County in 2004. They covered countless breaking news stories over the years and learned so much about the area, the people and the community as a whole.

They worked in television news, marketing and communications and film production for nearly 20 years before deciding to launch their online businesses.

They are influencers, working with brands like Yves Rocher, Summer Fresh, Dairy Farmers of Ontario to name a few, plus numerous local businesses.

They also operate TKL Media, which works with companies to create engaging social media content to elevate their online presence.