Without sales, we don’t have a business, BUT…how do you make getting out there, prospecting, and asking for the sale a regular part of your everyday efforts?

Catch the replay as Samantha King chats with Laura Skjelmose-Betts of The Inspired Sales Coach as she walks us through a day in her life as a sales representative. From how she planned her day to what exactly she did during the day to how she followed up, we are going through it step-by-step to get insights and action items. 
If you’ve ever wondered how to plan and execute a day full of sales and sales calls, this episode is for YOU!

Key takeaways include:

  • Unless you have a team, YOU are your own salesperson, which means you need to get used to the process of cold calling
  • How to get ready and practice for the sales call
  • What to do BEFORE you even have a conversation with someone
  • Embrace that most people will say NO initially, and find your inner child. You know, the one who wouldn’t take no for an answer
  • Different wording to ask questions in order to get to know your client’s needs

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