What is a Sales Funnel?

We’ve all heard the term ‘sales funnel.’

But what does that mean, exactly?

Last week we talked about the first half of a sales strategy. Remember, in that first half, you are building the KNOW and some of the LIKE in the Know, Like, Trust factor. The main focus on this first half is to utilize all the different ways you can get your ideal’s client attention.

But, of course, a buying decision is the result of more than a blog post and a SnapChat video. That will build the KNOW and some of the LIKE, but it won’t build the TRUST you need to get your ideal clients to become paying customers.

So what will?

For that you need the other half of a good sales strategy. You need a road map of interactions where you continue to educate the consumer about your product or service and start giving them opportunities to relate it to their specific situation. Your ideal client needs to be given chances to start thinking about how they can apply your offerings into everyday life in order to establish if they have a need for it. THIS IS WHAT A SALES FUNNEL IS.


That’s all well and good, but now I’ve got more questions, like:

  • What does it actually look like?
  • And, HOW do you put one together?

That’s what this week’s episode is all about, as we are joined by Amanda Gobatto of Digital Girl Consulting. Amanda is walking us through the answers to these questions by diving deep into our Case Study company, Smart Success Tutoring Service. We talk about the company’s:

  • Goals,
  • The inner and outer characteristics of their ideal clients
  • Their value ladder, and finally
  • Their Sales Funnel

It’s time for a concrete example to solidify all that we’ve been talking about both in the Fempire Business Building Community on Facebook AND in episodes one and two.


Samantha King

Samantha King is a business strategist and mentor helping busy boss moms like herself get on track in their business, identify and map out opportunities to level up, and work with them to implement the systems and processes within their businesses that they need to make that growth happen. Samantha is also a self-professed TV fanatic, natural storyteller, an Adult Colourer, Photography Enthusiast, a Book Junkie, Meditator in training, possible runner, and (my guilty pleasure) a certified people watcher.

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Samantha King

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