With the New Year in full swing by this point, now’s the time to evaluate and assess your schedule. This powerful activity is all about making sure it’s truly working for you. You don’t have room for a schedule that’s making you spin your wheels on a daily basis. Watch the replay of this Fempire LIVE as I chat with Amanda Gobatto of Digital Girl Consulting about schedules and how to find a system that works for you.

Key takeaways include:

  • Before moving forward with planning for a new year, we need to take a hardcore, candid look at where we’ve been over the course of this year
  • Ask yourself questions like, “What is working?”
  • Stop the stuff that didn’t work and move on from it
  • Decide on your work week based on what works for you and your family
  • The benefit of mapping out your time in 15 mins increments
  • What does it mean to have white space in your schedule and why you should have it
  • Why self-awareness of your current habits are key to setting up a schedule that will have you stop spinning your wheels
  • How to start the process of reevaluating your current habits to create a powerful schedule that works
  • Give yourself permission to change your new schedule as you go