We all know how important self-care is. We also know that it is the first thing to get thrown out the window on a busy day, which in hard truth, is almost always. So how do we begin to integrate our self-care into our daily lives?  We follow these three pillars of wellness: breathe, move and connect.

There are a multitude of ways to relate to the three pillars. When creating lasting change in your life you want to layer on new habits by starting slowly and simply. The following suggestions are the best way to begin playing with taking action for self-care:

1. Breathe

What: Take 3 slow, conscious deep breaths. Inhale deeply and exhale completely.
When: Every time we are changing tasks or activities. (Examples: Between content creation and a meeting. Once the kids leave the house before starting work. From making dinner to relaxing with family in the evening)
Why: The breath is a fantastic tool to reset our nervous system which is responsible for any stress we may be feeling. We move from task to task and between motherhood to entrepreneurship so fast we can’t catch up with ourselves. Taking this mindful 15 seconds will help give us time in the present moment, release what we were doing and allow us to ground and then focus so we can seamlessly shift gears to our next task. 

2. Move

What:  Shifting physical positions. (Think: Your next position is your best position)
When: As often as possible. Set a timer for a minimum of 60 minute intervals so you can change physical positions, or stand up and stretch, shake, dance, walk around or anything that gets your body moving.
Why: Exercise is a key element to thriving in life. But what about the other 23 hours and 30 minutes a day? We may feel like we are constantly on the move, but mainly that movement is coming from our mental state. Our bodies are stagnant. Paying attention to how we move our bodies throughout our entire day can radically change our mobility, energy and stress levels.

3. Connect

What: State something wonderful about ourselves. (Examples: I am really proud of the way I handled that situation with my son. I am having a great hair day. I loved my confidence at the meeting)
When: At the end of each day. Make it a nightly ritual with your kids before bed, or looking at your eyes in the mirror while brushing your teeth.
Why: We are hardest on ourselves and rarely celebrate the marvellous things we do. When we can connect to a moment that we are proud of we spark joy and an uplifting self-connection. This actions helps us find the association of who we are between the many hats we wear each day.

These three simple self-care actions are easy to implement and do not require adding any extra time to your day. The key to making this work is consistency. Show up for yourself every day and like the drip of water that transforms a stone you will feel the magnificent delight that nurturing your self-care brings.