Real, Raw, and Relatable!

Samantha King is an engaging and relatable speaker that never fails to deliver a presentation that her audience can connect with. Someone who is also in the trenches, Samantha has been there, done that, and has the postcard. Her raw, real and down-to-earth style, combined with her personal storytelling, leaves attendees feeling entertained, motivated, and, most importantly, not alone.

Having been on the other side of the stage numerous times, Samantha knows what it’s like to feel disconnected from a speaker and with no idea what steps to take next after listening to a speaker share their knowledge and passion with no road map for attendees. That’s why Samantha prides herself on keeping her presentations relevant, lively, actionable.

More Than Inspiration. Practical Learning, Delivered Interactively With a Dose of Fun!

As the number of women entering entrepreneurship grows, the rest of us are surrounded by inspiring stories of women who have taken the leap that gives us the courage to do the same. But, when we take the plunge, it’s not necessarily what we expected. Samantha knows this because she lived it, which is why all of her sessions focus on the ‘How-To’ mentality while acknowledging the many directions her audience members are being pulled between by all of the equally important areas of their lives.

When their time together comes to a close, audience members walk away with the tools and training they need to create a roadmap of their next steps, all the while knowing that they are not alone and feeling that attending was beyond worth their while. Appreciating the desire to keep attendees informed, supported and delighted all at the same time, Samantha brings a fun approach to her session sprinkled with a bit of humour as often as she can.

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Balancing Act: The Holy Grail of Womanhood!

The perfect keynote for busy women on-the-go who are repeatedly finding themselves dancing the lines between confidence, control and balance or overwhelmed, overextended and feeling guilty.

Drawing on her own experiences and life lessons in a raw, real and relatable way, Samantha uses her story to empower today’s woman, who is trying to balance career, family, and everything in between, to push back, say no when needed, and give ourselves permission to not let what others try to convince us balance should look like and instead define it as it needs to be in our own lives.

Most Requested

Stop spinning your wheels: How to turn your everyday efforts into profits!

In this interactive, hands-on workshop, Samantha demystifies time management for women in business by sharing her own best practices and process so that audience members can get out of their own way and capitalize on their potential.

Emphasizing the power of knowing exactly where your business is going, creating a roadmap to get you there, doing the work and being held accountable along the way, Samantha not only gives attendees the tools they need to be focused and intentional in the day-to-day operations of their business, but also gives them the time and opportunity to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of the other business owners in the room in a mastermind-like environment.

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