Fempire Builders Founder and Publisher, Samantha King, started this blog after she herself took the leap from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. Samantha looked around and realized that she was not alone. She saw a community of women who, like her, were surrounded by inspiring stories of women who have taken the leap, got the courage to do the same, but, when they took the plunge, found that it wasn’t exactly what they expected. Women who needed more than inspiration. They need actionable advice, education and mentorship. Women, who, above all else, are craving support and accountability.

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  • REAL Women like you: No guilt. No Shame. Just raw and real insights.

At Fempire Builders, we are looking to motivate and empower you. To us, that means bringing together women who will inspire each other by letting down their walls to share both their successess and their challenges, and will help us to create a positive and welcoming environment that shares know-how and mentors other Fempire Builders as they build the businesses of their dreams.

  • HELP you create a Road Map to S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

They say that there is no manual to child rearing, and the same can be said about taking the leap into entrepreneurship. There is no clear road map to building a successful business, and that can make it difficult to know where to start. And while we CAN’T give you the road map, we CAN give you the training, tools and mentorship that you are looking for to put together a road map that has you building a sustainable, profitable business.

We even take it ONE STEP FURTHER and hold you accountable in our Facebook group to keep you focused, intentional and moving along the road at the pace you’ve set for yourself. Fempire Builders is here to support you, empower you and keep you moving towards the finish line – as you’ve laid it out.


Life can get dark and twisty. Building a business can be lonely and full of challenges and self-doubt….BUT that doesn’t have to be an everyday thing. Fempire Builders is your community of cheerleaders who have your back, scream your praises and support you to be ALL that you WANT to BE.

Whether you are looking for a MASTERMIND COLLECTIVE of women to BRAINSTORM with, have something you are EXCITED about and want to SHARE, or need a set of ears to listen as you WORK THROUGH A CHALLENGE, we are your tribe of real women who get it. We are doing it, have done it or will do it, and we want to HELP while you do the same.

Our goal is to meet you, our new community member, on as many fronts as we possibly can.

Which one of these work best for you?