We are halfway through the year! Crazy, right?!?!? It’s a time for checking in on your goals, taking a hard look at where you are vs. where you still need to go, and making some decisions about how you’re going to level up over the course of the next 6 months.

But what if there are things getting in your way that you don’t even know about? Things that you might be unconsciously doing that keeping you playing small in your goals? That’s must be why serial entrepreneur Gary V talks so much about the importance of self-awareness for business owners…
Catch the replay of this Fempire LIVE as Samantha chats with Michelle Butt of Michelle Butt – Facial Intelligence Expert about how Facial Intelligence can help you be more self-aware, discover those things you might be doing unconsciously to hold you and your business back, and how to take them on and stop playing small!

Key takeaways include

  • What to do when you’re starting to feel complacent in your business
  • What is a “Stop Playing Small Mindset”
  • The power of self-awareness and what that means for you in business and personally in changing and moving through circumstances
  • How the features of your face assist you in learning more about yourself and communicating with others
  • The importance of getting to know yourself and looking in the mirror to find the answers you need to start you on the journey to making a change if you need to
  • Goal Setting: The Facial Intelligence Way ➨ using facial reading tools in order to help you set your goals in a way that makes sense in how you look at the world around you. This includes the importance of taking a task and seeing and communicating it in a way that resonates with how you see and experience the world in order to tackle the task to get it done