Catch the replay of our Fempire LIVE with Randy Mellon of Origami Owl with Randy Mellon. Randy is a go-to resource in her community for others in sales that are seeking the top vendor shows as a lead generation source for their business. In her talk with host Samantha King, she shares with Fempire Builders her process for finding those top shows and answers questions like:
  1. What makes a good vendor show?
  2. How do know which ones to choose?
  3. And what to do to get a good return on their investments of both their time and money?

Key takeaways include:

  • Interview event organizers via Randy’s checklist outlined in our conversation with her
  • Establish relationships with organizers that make you memorable to them in a good way
  • Have the right mindset. Know what you want out of the event, and set a specific goal before you even sign-up
  • At the event, be in front of your table having conversations, establishing a rapport, and setting expectations for follow-up with prospects you meet
  • Take time after the event to assess how it went
  • Be sure to not be in the 80% of people who don’t follow-up. Ask for that sale!