I went viral

i went viral

Recently, The Daily Goalcast released this video of me, which they created from a talk that I delivered in front of 250 people. Titled, “When You’re Told You’re Not Enough,” it has been viewed about three million times, which is still hard to believe. How did this happen? It started when a friend of mine […]

Stop Playing Small: It’s time to level up in your business

We are halfway through the year! Crazy, right?!?!? It’s a time for checking in on your goals, taking a hard look at where you are vs. where you still need to go, and making some decisions about how you’re going to level up over the course of the next 6 months. But what if there […]

How healthy is your business? This check-in will help you find out!

At the beginning of the year, we spend time dreaming, planning and goal setting for the coming year. If you’ve worked with me, you know that involves completely mapping out each of those goals and what it’s going to take to get you where you want to go. You also know that we follow that up with assigning deadlines spread throughout the year in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly increments.