Marketing Prep for 2020

"marketing prep"

We are about to embark on a new decade and many of us entrepreneurs and business owners are feeling the possibilities that 2020 can bring for our business. Why not consider setting yourself an intentional goal with heart? Think about who your business impacts and how that impact is accomplished. Next, set yourself a goal […]

What is your guiding word for this year?

guiding word year

Around this time last year, my social media feeds are filled with posts from people choosing words that they meant to guide them into the New Year. They weren’t resolutions; not a list of actionable items that they wanted to make happen. Just one word. One word that seemed to mean so much more. Resolutions […]

Overflowing with opportunity? Or just plain overrun?

The New Year always brings about a widespread, magical belief in the impossible. It’s a time when the air is filled with a Peter Pan sense of wonder, and dreams take over everywhere you look. And I get wrapped up in EVERY MINUTE of it. I’m a dreamer. I’m also a doer. Truthfully, isn’t every entrepreneur? […]

A year end exercise to show you how to plan for the New Year

I regularly get asked about how to set goals that can actually be accomplished. It’s why I put the Plan to Grow Challenge together for you. This is the time of year when I hear that question, and it usually comes out like this: “The New Year is right around the corner. What should I […]