Your family, your business, everything else seems to come first, and you get the leftovers…if there are any. How do you rest and restore when you have no time? Well, you can’t.

If you are not prioritizing yourself, you will never create the change and restoration you want to feel. You will not be able to sustain running your business or your family without burning out. Burn out is a very real thing and best to be avoided.

So how do we start prioritizing ourselves? You start by creating space in your schedule to make it happen. 

Your mindset around time

Have you ever heard someone say,  “I have exactly the right amount of time to enjoy what I’m doing right now?” Probably never, I say with a chuckle. Usually, the story is about never having enough of it. When you focus on the scarcity of time, it puts you in a victim position. This is anything but empowering and hides simple truths about where you place your priorities.

Try this experiment:

      1. Begin to notice how often during the course of a day/week you hear or say time complaints. (Ex. That just flew by. I wish I could, but I gotta run. Not enough hours in the day. If only I had more hours of sleep.)
      2. Put yourself, and any team/family members on a ‘time diet’, meaning no complaining about it. Even if you really feel like you don’t have time for something, ask yourself, “What is the real issue here?” Usually it’s actually something that doesn’t feel like a priority or you have a fear around and are trying to avoid. So own up to that and replace your time complaint with phrases like “this is not a priority”, or “this task frightens me so I am not making space for it”, etc.
      3. Watch the results roll in!

When you begin to take ownership of your day and tasks you set out to complete, you release the stress and conflict because you have embraced yourself as whole. No longer the victim, you become in harmony with the fact that you are the source of how much you acheive…I know that can be a lot to digest, but I’m telling you I have seen and experienced miracles with this experiment!

Not only will you find that time bends to meet your needs, but you will begin to gather valuable information on how you view yourself as a priority. There are only so many instances where you can say, “No,’ to yourself when you are being honest as to why, rather than blaming it on time.