Tools to Make Our Sales Funnel Happen

This audio series wouldn’t be complete without us talking about HOW to take some action, and that means getting the low-down on some of the tools we can use to put our sales funnel into action.

To recap where we are:

Last week Amanda Gobatto of Digital Girl Consulting walked us through the value ladder and sales funnel of our case study company, Smart Success Tutoring Service. You’re going to want to take a listen to episode 3 before going head with this week’s episode if you missed it.

And now…

This week Amanda is back to tell us about some of the tools we can use to make and implement each of the items listed in Smart Success Tutoring Service’s sales funnel.

We’re sad to be wrapping up this audio series, but are equally excited to be getting answers to our question, “But HOW do I do that?” Who doesn’t love tools?!?!?

Go ahead and PRESS PLAY NOW.


Feeling inspired after listening to this one? Head over to the Fempire Business Building Community and tell us what tools you are using. We always love hearing about new ones that we might find useful as well!

Samantha King

Samantha King is a business strategist and mentor helping busy boss moms like herself get on track in their business, identify and map out opportunities to level up, and work with them to implement the systems and processes within their businesses that they need to make that growth happen. Samantha is also a self-professed TV fanatic, natural storyteller, an Adult Colourer, Photography Enthusiast, a Book Junkie, Meditator in training, possible runner, and (my guilty pleasure) a certified people watcher.

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Samantha King

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