Finding people to meaningfully connect and collaborate with is hard when you’re a solopreneur. Wouldn’t it be great to a have a safe, welcoming and supportive environment to bounce ideas around with or talk through challenges with? A tribe of like-minded women who get it? Maybe even a business bestie?

The good news is that that’s EXACTLY what our Fempire Business Building Community is all about. Catch the replay as Samantha King chats with Kristi Camacho Smith, one of our community members, about our tribe, her business, and how being a part of our community is helping her build her Fempire!

Key takeaways include:

  • What to consider when thinking about diversifying your income streams
  • Your why can and may change
  • Being active in a Facebook group create awareness of you, your business and your brand whether you know it or not
  • Having a group of motivated women around you inspires and motivates you to reach your goals
  • Kristi’s description of our community and her fave parts about being a part of our tribe
  • Different ways to track goals that are set and shared via our Accountability Monday posts
  • Why going on all in has been the key to Kristi’s success
  • Consistency is king in your online networking efforts

EDITOR’S NOTE: Fempire Business Building Community has great features like our Virtual #FempireChats, Open Posting Saturdays and Accountability Mondays to help our members with everything from working IN your business VS. ON your business