Yes, yes, yes. We all know February was a grey, dull month. We know the Christmas credit card bills rolled in and people tightened their purse strings. Now as March carries on, the snow is beginning to melt leaving mud and dirt in its wake and tax season is just around the corner. People are generally being squeezed at every end of their lives; emotional, physical, mental, and environmental.

So what is there to do as an entrepreneur/solopreneur when you’re riding the same wave as your target market and customer base?

How do you keep yourself from throwing in the towel and crawling into a blanket fort to watch Netflix all day because sales are down and people aren’t engaging?

It all comes down to accepting these two fundamental truths for SURVIVAL when it comes to successfully growing/launching/running a business:

  1. Being dissatisfied with the present moment is never a place to start making changes.
  2. You must come to peace with the present moment first before you can move forward.

Are you satisfied with where your business is right now?

Seems like a simple question with a simple answer. But often it is the question we avoid asking ourselves. In fact, it’s a trick question. Why? Because you want your business to be EVER growing, EVER expanding and ABUNDANT without limits. And that means the satisfaction won’t come from a ‘where you are’ place. It will come from being on the journey of having a business in the first place.

So frustrating right?

We’re so focused on numbers, goals, finances, achievements that often we trick ourselves into believing that the satisfaction won’t come until we hit the destination or reach the goal.

And let me ask you this: Have you ever hit a goal, and within a week of hitting it, you’re back to grinding? Ever feel like you achieve one goal, and immediately the next one is looming before you even have time to bask in the accomplishment of the previous one?

This happens because we forget about those two fundamental truths. All change comes from having peace and satisfaction with exactly what’s happening now.

The secret to accepting these truths is this…

…ALWAYS only ever focus on what you have control over.

  • I can control what I eat.

Good food = Good mood after all ?

  • I can control how many happy hormones get released into my body.

Stretch, dance, pump iron, run, walk, yoga, laugh. Anything that requires physical movement. At least 15 minutes three times a week. Your body is your temple and all that, but it’s literally the fastest way to lift your spirits, clear your mind, and BE OPEN to the most CREATIVE and SUCCESSFUL business ideas.

  • I can control what I watch/read/listen to.

Do you listen to positive podcasts, audio books, or documentaries? OR trashy reality tv shows, shoot ‘em up cop shows or drama-rama soap-like stuff? This is all going into your mind. Which do you think feeds success best?

  • I can control social media.

This is the one that I find most challenging, but most necessary. Friends, rise to the challenge on this one. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

When it comes to what you see on social media, you’re not them, you’re not like them, your success won’t look like theirs, their success isn’t taking away from yours, what they’re doing has nothing to do with what you will do!

Here’s the ONE RULE for controlling social media: Only go on to post, promote or engage for your business.

No scrolling, no liking, no emoji-ing, no searching, no creeping.

Try consciously focusing only on what you can control for a week and see how it goes. And, if it helps, the warmer weather is right around the corner.