Value ladders and ideal clients

No wakes up one morning and says I want to be a salesperson, and, certainly, none of us started off thinking about the fact that opening our own business meant becoming a salesperson. But that’s what we are.

A lot of the time we don’t think about this until it’s too late and we’re already in panic mode. The money either hasn’t come in as fast as we’d hoped or all of the low hanging fruit dries up, and now our eyes are open to the fact that something is missing.

Why is it working for our competition and not for us? What do they have that I don’t?

What’s missing is a sales process, Fempire Builders. That’s what they have.

How this audio series is going to help you:

This audio series is meant to get you thinking about sales.

It’s also designed to get you:

  • Taking action to nail down your offerings,
  • Give you a starting point for pricing them,
  • Figure out how to get them in front of your ideal clients, and
  • How to convert those ideal clients into buyers.

So let’s start at the beginning – with Value Ladders.

In this episode, we will answer:

  • What is a value ladder?
  • How is it different from a sales funnel?
  • And, why do I need to have my Ideal Client nailed down before I start working on my value ladder?

Go ahead and PRESS PLAY NOW.

Once you’ve taken this all in and nailed down your Ideal Client and set-up a value ladder, head on over to the Fempire Business Building Community on Facebook and share it with us. This month in the group we are taking a hard look at sales and tapping into the master mind of the community for feedback and to bounce ideas off of each other. Please consider joining us here.

And, as promised, you can gain access to our workbook, Finally Nail Down Your Ideal Client here.

Samantha King

Samantha King is a business strategist and mentor helping busy boss moms like herself get on track in their business, identify and map out opportunities to level up, and work with them to implement the systems and processes within their businesses that they need to make that growth happen. Samantha is also a self-professed TV fanatic, natural storyteller, an Adult Colourer, Photography Enthusiast, a Book Junkie, Meditator in training, possible runner, and (my guilty pleasure) a certified people watcher.

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Samantha King

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