Let’s Talk About Sales: Where do I even begin when putting a sales strategy together?

We sell things everyday without even realizing it, but, when it comes to promoting our business, trying to sell can feel really awkward. And while it’s not the complete solution for sending that awkward feeling packing, a sales strategy acts as a thought out road map that guides your ideal clients through to a buying decision AND takes some of the selling load off of you directly.

What is a sales strategy?

A sales strategy, by definition, is a comprehensive plan to get your ideal clients to purchase your products and/or services. While it will include marketing efforts, the sole purpose of a sales strategy is to make a sale. It goes beyond simply creating brand awareness, and asks your audience to put their money where their mouths are.

For the purpose of this audio series, we are calling all of the sales and marketing efforts to get your ideal client to a specific purchase a sales strategy. We’ve broken it down into two parts:

  1. Part One (today’s episode) talks about building the KNOW and some of the LIKE in the Know, Like and Trust factor. It draws on your ideal client avatar and is a good mixture of marketing and sales efforts with the objective of grabbing the attention of your ideal client and getting them into your sales funnel.
  2. Part Two (which will start next week right here on our blog) is heavy on the sales with a little bit of marketing mixed in as we discuss how to build the rest of the LIKE and all of the TRUST via a well thought out sales funnel.

Go ahead and dive right in by PRESSING PLAY NOW.


Once you’ve had a chance to digest everything we talk about, head on over to the Fempire Business Building Community on Facebook and share your ah-has with us. This month in the group we are taking a hard look at sales and tapping into the master mind of the community for feedback and to bounce ideas off of each other. Please consider joining us here.

And, as promised, you can gain access to our workbook, Finally Nail Down Your Ideal Client here.

Samantha King

Samantha King

Samantha King is a busy mompreneur and homeschooler with two young children and a couple of businesses at home. When Samantha’s daughter was diagnosed with autism, she had to learn how to keep her priorities aligned within her family, while operating her business at the same time. Just because you have decided to become a business owner, it does not mean that ‘life’ and outside circumstances do not happen, does it? Samantha is a #1 International Bestselling author with 8+ years teaching experience in the classroom, experience as a sales and marketing professional in the corporate world, and also spent some time in client service management in the small business world. Through her Accountability Coaching and Mastermind Facilitation, Samantha is excited to share her knowledge to empower entrepreneurs, by giving them the tools they need to do something they love while building sustainable, profitable businesses.

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