Catch the replay of a special episode of Fempire LIVE. It’s one of our She Succeeds 2018 editions  Samantha was joined by Fempire Builders Show Panellist, Jen Wende of Jen Wende – Breathe. Move. Connect, to talk about how we Mamas can prep for working with kids in two the Rested Mama way.

From Samantha King, herself:

“I have been learning so much from Jen since we met a few short months ago, and I can tell you that with her patient teaching and enlightened approach I am feeling stronger in my business, mindful of my needs and what I can do to meet them, and more present and filled with joy in my daily life.

Since it’s working with kids in tow for this homeschool mom year round, I can tell you that this episode is sure to give you insights and ideas to make this an easier process!”



Key takeaways include:

  • Get clear about you want from your days
  • How do you want to feel and other questions to help you set intentions for a Rested Mama day
  • Spend time explicitly setting expectations and practicing what Mom’s work time should Look, Sound and Feel Like
  • Giving yourself permission to be flexible and take a detour based on the flow of your day actually feels
  • Allow yourself some white space
  • The power of cycles (moon and menstrual) in helping you plan out your time in a way that resonates with your moods
  • How to start recognizing your stress reactors so you can start taming them
  • Take movement breaks when things start to get tense
  • Celebrate as often as you can by reframing your mindset and looking for the positive in all situations; no matter how small