If you have dreams of writing and want to produce something for the world to read it takes passion, dedication and consistency. I am a published author, having contributed to two books. Writing is a daily practice for me. I continue to write for blog posts, personal projects, social media and my next book.

Writing takes consistency

First off, you need to write every day. I suggest putting aside 30 minutes a day for this. Now, when I say write, I mean free-flow writing. This is where you write whatever comes to mind on a topic, theme or subject. This keeps the mind fluid and creative, and not wrapped up in the structure of the writing. We may sometimes put things down in point form, have a list of possible titles and so forth. Anything goes.

Writing takes dedication

Secondly, set aside one hour a week to put toward all the rules of writing; grammar, structure, flow etc. This helps your work take shape and see the direction that you want to take the work you are writing. With this practice, your freestyle writing begins taking form. It also makes the process less daunting in the long run when you are working at it in piecemeal every week during your free-form writing.

Writing takes passion

If you are consistent with writing daily for a minimum of 30 minutes and spending a minimum of an hour each week editing weekly, you will be amazed at how much material you are producing. Not everything you write will make it to the final draft, but each idea that is put onto paper helps the next idea to blossom. But that kind of dedication takes passion.

Creativity needs to be worked on every day. If not, it will slowly disappear. Use your passion for your subject matter and/or dream to be a published author to make the commitment to stick with a daily writing regimen and weekly editing session. Like any new habit, it will feel hard and out of sorts at first. But soon, it becomes a part of your routine that you look forward to. One that feeds your passion and your soul. At all, we were put here to be creative and to express ourselves.

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